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Table 1 Summary of antibodies used in Immunohistochemical analysis and WB analysis

From: Anti-inflammation effects of the total saponin fraction from Dioscorea nipponica Makino on rats with gouty arthritis by influencing MAPK signalling pathway

Company Method Description Catalog number
Abcam Immunohistochemical P-38 ab27986
p-P38 ab3838
JNK ab76125
p-JNK ab219584
ERK1/2 ab17942
p-ERK1/2 ab17942
MEK1/2 ab131517
p-MEK1/2 ab194754
MKK-4 ab131494
p-MKK-4 ab131494
PPARγ ab209350
ICAM1 ab2213
VCAM1 ab134047
Bioss WB PPARγ BS-0530R
AdipoR2 BS-0611R
Immunoway   GAPDH YM3029