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Table 4 Significantly changed volatile components with their formula, compound type and VIP score identified through PLS-DA

From: Identification of volatile active components in Acori Tatarinowii Rhizome essential oil from different regions in China by C6 glioma cells

Name of components Formula Component type PLS-DA
(VIP score)
β-Asarone C12H16O3 Phenylpropanoids 2.23
cis-Methyl isoeugenol C11H14O2 Phenylpropanoids 2.15
γ-Asarone C12H16O3 Phenylpropanoids 1.69
Methyleugenol C11H14O2 Phenylpropanoids 1.58
Calarene C15H24 Terpenoids 1.31
Longifolene C15H24 Terpenoids 1.12
β-Caryophyllene C15H24 Terpenoids 1.10
Caryophyllene oxide C15H24O Terpenoids 1.04