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Table 2 The level of evidence and Meta-Analysis of Outcomes

From: The effects of acupuncture on occipital neuralgia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

VariableOverall effectStudies (N)Sample size (N)Level of evidence
MD or OR95% CIPI2
Acupuncture (sole) versus Medication
 VAS−2.35−2.84, −1.86< 0.00151%5305Very low
Acupuncture (sole) versus Medication
 Effective rate4.962.24, 10.99< 0.0010%5322Low
 Effective rate (used less than 10 points)4.571.52, 13.720.0070%3187Low
 Effective rate (used more than or equal10 points)5.441.72, 17.190.0040%2135Moderate
 Effective rate (used meridian points)6.692.44, 18.31< 0.0010%4255Moderate
 Effective rate (not used meridian points)3.030.83, 11.080.09167Low
 Effective rate (less than a week)5.791.16, 28.940.03175Moderate
 Effective rate (between a week and two weeks)3.851.18, 12.590.030%2127Low
 Effective rate (more than two weeks)6.391.52, 26.870.010%2120Moderate
Acupuncture (+ Medication) versus Medication
 Effective rate6.681.11, 40.370.040%2130Low
  1. Abbreviations: MD Mean Difference, OR Odds Ratio, CI Confidence Interval, VAS Visual Analogue Scales