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Table 3 Socio-cultural, perception and experiences of parents on the utilization of traditional medicine for their children in the Tole District (n = 212)

From: Determinants of traditional medicine utilization for children: a parental level study in Tole District, Oromia, Ethiopia

VariablesFrequencyValid Percent
Reasons for using TM
 Being easily accessible11855.7
 Being referred by someone9544.8
 Family influence9042.5
 Cultural belief11453.8
 Religious belief12157.1
Experience and frequency of communicating with traditional healers
 As needed8942.0
 Very Often115.2
Duration of illness (n = 212)
 Acute illness (1–30 days)18285.9
 Chronic illness (> 30 days)3014.2
Status of the child after treatment (n = 212)
 Very Poor20.9
 Very Good6530.7
Family practice of TM for themselvesFrequencyPercent
Reason for applying TM compared to modern medicine (n = 161)
 When selected correctly, it is effective2817.4
 Satisfaction with Traditional Medicine4729.2
 Dissatisfaction with modern medicine1911.8
 The fear of using drugs and the side effects85.0
 Difficulty in accessing health care facilities/ costliness159.3
 Less efficacy of modern medicine95.6
 Knowledge of traditional medicine3521.7
Level of satisfaction after TM utilization (n = 161)
 Completely dissatisfied74.3
 Somewhat dissatisfied148.7
 Somewhat satisfied5836.0
 Completely satisfied4829.8