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Table 2 Prevalence and types of traditional medicine utilization for their children in the Tole District (N = 267)

From: Determinants of traditional medicine utilization for children: a parental level study in Tole District, Oromia, Ethiopia

Utilization of TM last 12 months (n = 212)
When have you used TM for your child? (n = 212)
 Within 1 month3114.6
 Within 6 months5325.0
 Before 6 months12860.4
Reason to use TM for your previous child/children (n = 152)
 When my child is sick12783.6
 Use daily42.6
 Use weekly21.3
 When there is no improvement with modern medicine106.6
 As a preference to modern medicine95.9
Sources of information about the TM for your child (n = 212)
 Health professionals10.5
 Religious institutions94.2
 Traditional healers2712.7
Type of TM ever used (n = 212)
 Religious/prayer therapy2511.8
 Herbal medicine7334.4
 Bone settlers167.5
 Tooth extractor136.1
 Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA)73.3
 Functional foods157.1
 Other (Tsefat /Kitab)83.9
Source of TM (n = 152)
 From healer7750.7
 I don’t know10.6
 Prepared at home53.3