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Table 1 Identification and quantification of polyphenolic compounds in PPE by HPLC analysis

From: A mechanistic approach to HPLC analysis, antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory and postoperative analgesic activities of panch phoron in mice

Name of the Phenolic StandardResult (mg/100 g dry extract)
1. Gallic acidNot detected
2. 3,4 dihydroxy benzoic acidNot detected
3. Catechin hydrate157.783
4. Catechol19.817
5. (−) Epicatechin66.920
6. Caffeic acid9.998
7. Vanillic acid93.534
8. Syringic acid88.742
9. Rutin hydrate11.572
10. p-coumaric acid94.678
11. Trans-Ferulic acid13.098
12. Rosmarinic acidNot detected
13. MyricetinNot detected
14. Quercetin43.852
15. Trans-Cinnamic acidNot detected
16. KaempferolNot detected