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Table 2 Subgroup analysis stratified by injectable and oral Marsdenia tenacissima extract

From: Oral and injectable Marsdenia tenacissima extract (MTE) as adjuvant therapy to chemotherapy for gastric cancer: a systematic review

OutcomeInjectable MTE subgroupOral MTE subgroupInteraction P value
No. of studiesEstimate (95% CI)I2No. of studiesEstimate (95% CI)I2
Response to treatment12POR 2.02 (1.58–2.58)0%2POR 1.94 (1.04–3.60)0%0.90
Performance status7POR 2.94 (1.99–4.34)0%1POR 4.31 (1.89–9.84)0%0.41
Leukopenia12RR 0.68 (0.57–0.82)42%3RR 0.57 (0.36–0.90)44%0.48
Thrombocytopenia11RR 0.67 (0.49–0.93)33%2RR 0.42 (0.11–1.59)69%0.50
Nausea/vomiting9RR 0.82 (0.71–0.94)0%2RR 0.47 (0.29–0.78)0%0.04
Hepatic injury9RR 0.83 (0.62–1.12)19%2RR 0.61 (0.39–0.95)0%0.25
  1. Note: Subgroup analysis was unavailable for anemia, diarrhea, constipation, kidney injury, peripheral neurotoxicity, and oral mucosal lesions because all trials that assessed these outcomes used injectable Marsdenia tenacissima extract
  2. Abbreviations: MTE Marsdenia tenacissima extract; POR proportional odds ratio; RR risk ratio; CI confidence interval