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Table 1 Studied groups (randomly divided)

From: Immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects of hydro-ethanolic extract of Ocimum basilicum leaves and its effect on lung pathological changes in an ovalbumin-induced rat model of asthma

ControlNon-sensitized rats (C) 
SensitizedNon-treated, OA sensitized rats (S) 
O. basilicum extract treatment
S + OB 0.75 mg/ml
S + OB 1.50 mg/ml
S + OB 3.00 mg/ml
0.75 mg/ml 1.50 mg/ml 3.00 mg/ml150 mg/kg/day
300 mg/kg/day
600 mg/kg/day
[23, 25, 26]
Dexamethasone treatment1.25 μg/ml250 mg/kg/day[24]
  1. Addition of drugs did not change the water volume consumed by animals, which averaged 40 ml/day/rat. Accordingly, daily dose of extract and dexamethasone are as shown in the Table. (n = 8 in each group). The doses of O. basilicum and dexamethasone were chosen according the previous studies as indicated in the Table