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Table 3 Disease categories treated by different medicinal plant species

From: Ethno-pharmacological survey of herbal remedies used in the treatment of paediatric diseases in Buhunga parish, Rukungiri District, Uganda

Disease categoryPaediatric diseasesNo. of plant species used (N = 50)% of total species
Digestive disordersStomachaches, diarrhoea, constipation, dysentery, worm infestation3366
Respiratory tract infectionsSore throat, influenza, cough, common cold, asthma1122
Other infectionsEar, eye & oral infections36
Skin infectionsWounds, ringworms, skin rash, allergy918
Neurological disordersEpilepsy, convulsions36
Headaches 36
InflammationAbscesses, boils12
Poisoning 12
Snake bites 12
Misfortune 12