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Table 3 Associations for T&CM use among participants with cancer at present

From: Use of traditional and complementary medicine among Norwegian cancer patients in the seventh survey of the Tromsø study

 No T&CMAny T&CMp-value
 Mean age (SD)68.37 (9.772)66.85 (11.487)0.189c
 40-59 years58.44541.6320.105a
 60 years and above68.419531.690 
Gender    0.018a
Household income    0.861a
 < NOK 450’/ € 45’66.47933.640 
 NOK 450’-750’/€ 45’-75’66.77833.339 
 >NOK 750’/€ 75’69.57330.532 
Years of education    0.747a
 Primary school63.88336.247 
 Secondary school66.76033.330 
 College/university less than 4 years68.34131.719 
 College/university 4 years or more71.25228.821 
Self-reported health    0.788a
Smoke daily    0.878a
 Yes, now69.02931.013 
 Yes, previously65.812734.266 
Frequency alcohol consumption    0.350a
 Monthly or less frequently64.09636.054 
 More than once a month68.714731.367 
Frequency of exercise    0.215a
 Less than weekly73.84826.217 
 Weekly or more frequently65.919734.1102 
  1. a Pearson chi square test; b Fisher exact test; c ANOVA test; Any T&CM use are use of either T&CM provider, herbal medicine/natural remedies or T&CM self-help techniques.