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Table 2 Self-reported health and use of health care services among the participants

From: Use of traditional and complementary medicine among Norwegian cancer patients in the seventh survey of the Tromsø study

 The total populationCancer at presentCancer previously, not nowNever cancerp-value
% (n = 20,428c)% (n = 404)% (n = 1232)% (n = 18,792)
Self-reported Health (scale 0–100)
 Mean (SD)76.24 (16.192)65.7 (18.948)73.09 (16.695)76.66 (16.002)< 0.001b
Self-reported health        < 0.001a
T&CM provider10.3205213.6518.710210.318990.020a
Traditional healer2.55086.4243.0352.4449< 0.001a
Other CM provider510074.7183.6435.19460.075a
Herbal medicine/natural remedies17.0340417.96917.921516.931200.625a
Self-help techniques10.220536.4259.311110.419170.022a
Over all use of T&CM30.1592633.412330.335230.054510.361a
Visit a GP last year80.216,30692.436689.5109679.314,844< 0.001a
Number of visits to GP Mean (SD)3.43 (3.556)4.94 (4.848)3.81 (3.306)3.37 (3.530)< 0.001a
Been hospitalized10.8219740.816119.72419.61795< 0.001a
Visited an out-patient clinic28.7572866.124849.258726.64893< 0.001a
  1. a Pearson’s chi-square test between the groups cancer at present, cancer previously not now, and never; b One-way ANOVA test; ‘The significant differences did not remain when adjusted for age and gender; c Due to missing responses to some of the questions, the number of respondents in single questions does not always add up to the total n