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Table 2 Cryptides identified in sample peptides

From: ACE inhibitory peptides in standard and fermented deer velvet: an in silico and in vitro investigation

SampleNumber of Individual CryptidesAverage Length of CryptidesTotal No. of Cryptides Hits
Free peptides:
FDVA2222.75 ± 1.419660
DVA1562.37 ± 0.672477
All peptides:
FDVA3082.89 ± 1.4226,085
DVA3472.98 ± 1.4619,053
  1. Data are presented for the free peptide fractions (i.e. ultrafiltrates), and for the overall results of all extracts and fractions combined in extracts of FDVA and DVA. The cryptide lengths data are means ± standard deviations