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Table 2 Age-specific cumulative prevalence of acupuncture use during 10 years from 2002 to 2011 in Taiwan

From: Trends in the utilization of acupuncture among children in Taiwan from 2002 to 2011: a nationwide population-based study

Age (y/o)Number of total populationaNumber of acupuncture users (%)bNumber of acupuncture visitsc
> 15400,39620,193 (5.04%)36,609
13–15398,51412,181 (3.06%)21,604
10–12363,1726104 (1.68%)11,237
7–9249,1631415 (0.57%)3264
4–6129,287296 (0.23%)1060
≤325,10830 (0.12%)109
  1. aNumber of total population in 6 subgroups indicates the amount of the different age groups pediatric patients randomly sampled as part of the 1 million beneficiaries from the LHID 2000 during 10 years
  2. bNumber of acupuncture users in 6 subgroups refers to the amount of different age groups pediatric acupuncture users, while the percentage of each age group describes the acupuncture users out of numbers of sampled pediatric enrollees during 10 years
  3. cNumber of acupuncture visits means the total number of acupuncture visits in different age groups during 10 years