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Table 4 Platelet aggregation (%) at different time points

From: Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase I dose escalation study of Dan Qi Tong Mai tablet in healthy volunteers

TreatmentCohortDose, mg twice dailyBaselineDay 8Day 15
Placebo61.50 (24.34)52.67 (23.84)68.17 (13.82)
Active ingredients936056.17 (31.56)68.83 (13.24)55.00 (15.19)
Active ingredients1072063.50 (14.17)42.83 (13.91)58.00 (17.78)
Active ingredients11216077.00 (7.24)67.00 (16.78)72.83 (12.73)
Repeated-measures analysis of varianceGroupF2.83  
P value0.06  
P value0.36  
P value0.3  
  1. Values are mean (SD), unless otherwise noted
  2. *Denote the interaction