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Table 3 Perceived advantages and disadvantages of using complementary therapies for weight management

From: Prevalence of and attitudes towards complementary therapy use for weight after breast cancer in Australia: a national survey

Perceived advantages of CM use (n = 183)
 Improves general wellbeing13975.96%
 Reduces stress/is relaxing10557.38%
 Not needing to use drugs/medication10155.19%
 Can treat other symptoms at the same time6434.97%
 Holistic approach5731.15%
 Non-surgical/not needing to have an operation5630.60%
 Agree with the philosophy behind the therapy3720.22%
 Already using it189.84%
Perceived disadvantages of CM use (n = 214)
 Financial cost12859.81%
 Lack of research to show it is effective12457.94%
 Finding a reliable practitioner9946.26%
 Interactions with medications5827.10%
 Cannot find reliable information5324.77%
 Time commitment3717.29%
 Side effects of treatment146.54%
 My GP/specialist does not support its use136.07%
 Don’t work/don’t trust31.40%
 Motivation to continue10.47%
 Too many treatments already10.47%
 Goes against my beliefs10.47%
  1. GP=General Practitioner/family physician/primary care physician