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Table 4 Treatment Satisfaction

From: Treatment satisfaction in Chinese medicine outpatient care: a comparison of patients’ and doctors’ views

Satisfaction withPatients’
Mean (SD)
Mean (SD)
Patients’ chief complaints3.27(0.98)3.15(1.02)0.64***
Overall health status3.28(0.93)3.36(0.79)0.64***
Treatment effect satisfaction4.10(0.85)3.83(1.04)0.44**
Total satisfaction§3.55(0.87)3.45(0.85)0.63**
  1. ***P<0.001
  2. **P<0.01
  3. 5-point Likert scale. Due to missing data, n ranges from 58 to 59 (patients’) and from 52 to 53 (doctors’)
  4. Correlation between patients’ and doctors’ total satisfaction at visit level, accounting for the potential correlation between patients of the same doctor and the doctor
  5. § Patients’ and doctors’ average response on the 3 items