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Table 3 Symptoms of Patients’ Complaints and Doctors’ Treatment (N = 60)

From: Treatment satisfaction in Chinese medicine outpatient care: a comparison of patients’ and doctors’ views

Patient IDPatients’ chief complaintsSecondary or additional complaintsDoctors’ treatment focus
1Lumbar and leg painPoor sleep, Neck discomfortLumbar and leg pain
2Hearing loss and tinnitusPoor sleepHearing loss and tinnitus
3Chest painChest pain
4Neck pain and lumbar painKnee painNeck pain and lumbar pain
5Poor sleepPoor sleep
7Weakness of limbs on the right sideWaist pain and legs painWeakness of limbs on the right side
8Mouth being pulled to one sideMouth being pulled to one side
9Numbness of limbs on the right sideWeakness of the right limbsNumbness of limbs on the right side
10Poor sleepHeadache during menstrual period, Stomach discomfortPoor sleep
11Deviated mouthNeck pain, Back painDeviated mouth
12Deviated mouthDeviated mouth
13Feeling blueHeadache, Constipation, Swelling in handsFeeling blue
14Poor sleepNeck painPoor sleep
15Poor sleepBack painPoor sleep
16Facial painPoor sleep, ConstipationFacial pain
17Neck pain and back painNeck pain and back pain
18Poor sleepPoor sleep
19Herpes Zoster on left jawHerpes Zoster on left jaw
20Deviated mouthDeviated mouth
21DizzinessPoor sleep, Pain and legs painDizziness
22TinnitusLeg pain, Lumbar sorenessTinnitus
23*Palpitations, Shortness of breathIrregular menstruation, Poor sleep, Excess dreaming, Abdominal coldSensation of cold in the abdomen
24DiarrheaDizziness, FatigueDiarrhea
25Swelling on the scalpCough, Palpitations, Dry stool, Dry mouthSwelling on the scalp
26PalpitationsNeck discomfort, Knee discomfortParoxysmal palpitations
27Pain and leg painPoor sleep, Joint pain, Constipation, ObesityPain and leg pain
28*Elbow painHeadache, Lacking in strengthMorning headache
29*Soreness in low backTinnitus, Abdominal pain, Heel pain, excess dreamingAbdominal pain
30PalpitationsDry eyes, Dizziness, Feeling coldPalpitations
31Pain and aversion to coldNeck discomfort, Shoulder painPain and aversion to cold
32*Cold fingers and toesShortness of breath, Low energy,Shortness of breath
33Chest discomfort and palpitationsDry stoolChest discomfort and palpitations
34DizzinessFeeling cold, Heaviness of back musclesDizziness
36PainFemur head painPain
37Stomach bloatingVomits, Slow fecal transitStomach bloating
38lumbar sprainlumbar sprain
39Adnexa uteri cystsStomach burning sensationAdnexa uteri cysts
40Back painChest discomfort, PalpitationsBack pain
41*HiccupLacking in strength, Side stitchesSide stitches
42StomachacheBack pain, Poor sleepStomachache
43Burning sensation in stomachBurning sensation in stomach
44*FatigueAversion to cold, excess dreaming, Hiccups, Poor appetite, Lacking in strengthPoor appetite
45*StomachachePoor appetite,Burning sensation
  Burning sensation 
46*Stomach burning sensation and sour regurgitationStomach bloating
47DiarrheaFeeling anxiousDiarrhea
48Hypochondriac painAversion to cold in low backHypochondriac pain
49Stomach burning sensation and sour regurgitationBellyache after eatingStomach burning sensation and sour regurgitation
50StomachacheNo sense of defecationStomachache
51DizzinessHeadache, Dry throat, Dry mouth, Swollen tongue, Low appetite, Nausea, ConstipationDizziness
52*General dropsyAbdominal distensionAbdominal distension
53*Abdominal distensionLow back pain, Bad breathBad breath
54Hypochondriac painRed spots on the skin, ItchingHypochondriac pain
55High transaminaseAbnormal liver function
56Abdominal distensionStomach burning sensationAbdominal distension
57Enlarged spleenPainEnlarged spleen
59BellyacheConstipation, Feeling cold, Poor sleepBellyache
60*Abdominal painEyestrain, Shoulder pain, Short of breath, DizzinessStomachache
  1. *Patients’ chief complaints and doctors’ treatment are different