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Table 1 Sample Characteristics: Patient Demographics (N = 60)

From: Treatment satisfaction in Chinese medicine outpatient care: a comparison of patients’ and doctors’ views

 NumberPercentage/SD (Range)
Mean age, y52SD12.8(24 to 82)
 25 to 391118.33%
 40 to 654066.67%
 Primary school23.33%
 Middle school3151.67%
The main complaints
 Stomach pain or dyspepsia2033.33%
 Neck and shoulder pain, lumbar pain1016.67%
 Facial paralysis46.67%
 Hearing loss or tinnitus46.67%
 Post-herpetic neuralgia35%
 Chest distress or palmus23.33%
 Common cold11.67%
 Splenomegaly without physical symptoms or discomfort11.67%
Severity-assessed by patients
 Very severe23.33%
Severity-assessed by doctors
 Very severe11.67%