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Table 3 Effect of EE extract and AF and EF fractions from stem bark of L. ochrophylla on the proliferation of activated lymphocytes for 5 days

From: Anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic activities of the extracts, fractions, and chemical constituents isolated from Luehea ochrophylla Mart

  Proliferation of lymphocytes index (PI)
μg/mL Mean DP
EE 7.5 0.85a 0.12
EE 15.0 0.77a 0.37
AF 25.0 0.70b 0.20
AF 50.0 0.12b 0.10
EF 15.0 1.10a 0.45
EF 25.0 0.80a 0.30
Dexamethasone 8.0 0.10b 0.04
PHA 5.0 1.36a 0.62
Ctrl   0.01b 0.01
DMSO   1.34a 0.51
  1. Values are expressed as mean ± standard deviation. Different letters in the same column indicate significant difference when (P < 0.05) after one-way ANOVA test with Tukey’s post hoc