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Table 2 Statistics of social structural indicators of the 32 target countries

From: The impact of uncertainty in society on the use of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine: a comparative study on visits to alternative/traditional/folk health care practitioners

Countries Gini indexa Unemployment ratea Ageing ratea GDP per capitaa
Australia 34.7d 5.3b 14.0b 65,863.0b
Belgium 27.8b 7.7b 17.6b 46,342.0b
Bulgaria 35.6b 12.2b 18.9b 7622.2b
Chile 47.5 h 6.5b 9.7b 15,359.7b
China 42.2g 4.4b 8.8b 6349.8b
Taiwan NA NA NA NA
Croatia 32.4b 15.6b 18.0b 13,783.3b
Czech Republic 30.7 h 6.9b 16.4b 20,454.4b
Denmark 27.9b 7.4b 17.5b 60,484.1b
Finland 27.3b 7.9b 18.4b 49,281.5b
France 32.9b 9.8b 17.5b 42,400.8b
Germany 30.7 h 5.5b 20.8b 45,802.2b
Israel 41.4f 6.7b 10.7b 34,169.0b
Italy 34.8b 10.4b 21.2b 36,173.0b
Japan 32.1c 4.3b 23.9b 45,742.0b
South Korea 31.6f 3.2b 11.5b 24,776.2b
Lithuania 34.3b 13.5b 17.8b 14,803.9b
Netherlands 27.8b 6.0b 16.4b 51,529.9b
Norway 25.8b 3.2b 15.4b 101,812.9b
Philippines 42.2f 7.0b 4.3b 2564.9b
Poland 32.6b 10.0b 14.2b 13,604.8b
Portugal 36.2b 14.8b 19.5b 21,797.4b
Russia 40.5b 5.8b 13.2b 15,264.3b
Slovakia 26.9b 13.9b 13.0b 17,884.5b
Slovenia 25.6b 9.0b 17.1b 23,625.2b
South Africa 63.4e 24.6b 4.8b 7425.6b
Spain 35.8f 24.1b 17.8b 29,870.3b
Sweden 27.2b 8.0b 18.8b 59,003.5b
Switzerland 31.9b 4.2b 17.3b 85,688.8b
Turkey 40.1b 8.5b 7.4b 11,868.1b
United Kingdom 32.9b 7.8b 17.2b 41,975.7b
United States 41.0g 8.1b 13.6b 51,342.6b
Mean 34.6 9.1 15.2 34,344.1
Standard Deviation 7.6 5.1 4.6 23,662.0
Maximum 63.4 24.6 23.9 101,812.9
Minimum 25.6 3.2 4.3 2564.9
  1. aFrom the World Bank dataset
  2. bData (average) for the period from 2011 to 2013
  3. cData for 2008
  4. dData for 2010
  5. eData for 2011
  6. fData for 2012
  7. gData for 2013
  8. hData (average) of 2011 and 2013