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Fig. 7

From: Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of chondrillasterol isolated from Vernonia adoensis (Asteraceae)

Fig. 7

Effect of chondrillasterol on preformed biofilms by P. aeruginosa. Cells were incubated for 72 h. at 37 °C. Planktonic cells were aspirated and different concentrations of chondrillasterol added to the preformed biofilm. The plate was further incubated for 24 h. after which it was washed to remove planktonic cells. Remaining biofilm mass was stained using crystal violet staining and quantified at 590 nm. The absorbance values of crystal violet are directly proportional to the amount of biofilm that remained intact after exposure to extract. The error bars indicate the standard deviation from mean (n = 4). TSB is tryptic soy broth

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