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Table 1 The components of each herbal medicine as listed on the package or label

From: Evaluation of the in vitro effects of commercial herbal preparations significant in African traditional medicine on platelets

Herbal mixture Ingredients
Intlamba zifo™ (HM1) Active: aloe, water, assorted herbs, H2O2, sunset yellow No 6-CI 15985
Maphilisa™ Herbal Medicine (HM2) African potato, Aloe ferox, African ginger, citric acid, Sutherlandia and wild olive.
Preserved with sodium benzoate
Matla™ African medicine for all diseases (HM3) None listed
Ngoma™ Herbal Tonic Immune Booster (HM4) Sutherlandia (cancer bush), Echinacea, dandelion, alfalfa-lusern, aloe ferox, harpagophytom (devil’s claw), alcohol (13,5%)
Stametta™ Body healing liquid (HM5) Aloe 1.667 g, ascorbic acid 1.667 g, aniseed oil 0.1817 g, magnesium sulphate 71.667 g in each 500 ml
Preservative: nipastat 0.02% m/v.
Vuka Uphile™ Herbal remedy (HM6) Natural herbs