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Fig. 4

From: Larrea divaricata Cav. aqueous extract and nordihydroguariaretic acid modulate oxidative stress in submandibular glands of diabetic rats: a buccal protective in diabetes

Fig. 4

Effect of AE and NDGA on streptozotocin-treated rats on lipid peroxidation (a), carbonyl protein groups (b), reduced glutathione (c), hydrogen peroxide (d), superoxide anion (e) and NO (f) in submandibular glands. Results represent Mean ± SEM of values from at least five glands. * P < 0.05; **P < 0.01 significant differences between submandibular glands from normal control and submandibular glands from STZ-treated animals (Student’s t test). # P < 0.05, ## P < 0.01 significant differences between submandibular glands from STZ-treated control animals and STZ-treated glands incubated with either AE or NDGA (ANOVA + Dunnett’s test). AE: 500 μg/ml, NDGA: 1.5 μg/ml

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