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Fig. 8 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Fig. 8

From: Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal ameliorates neurodegeneration and cognitive impairments associated with systemic inflammation

Fig. 8

Graphical representation of the study LPS (i.p.) induced sickness behavior, systemic inflammation driven neuroinflammation, and ultimately leads to neurodegeneration by adversely affecting key pathways involved in synaptic plasticity and cell survival. ASH-WEX supplementation reduced stress, sickness behavior and promoted the working memory and learning functions as well as neuro-muscular coordination impaired by LPS treatment. Ashwagandha exhibits its pleotropic neuroprotective activity by targeting various pathways and proteins involved in synaptic plasticity and cell survival such as BDNF-TrkB, PLCγ-IP3, PI3K-Akt pathways thereby promoting neuronal health and vitality. (↑ indicates “upregulation”, ↓ indicates “downregulation”, dotted arrows in green color indicate “inhibitory effects mediated by ASH-WEX”, and solid black arrows indicate “activation”)

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