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Fig. 2 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Fig. 2

From: The cytotoxic effect and glucose uptake modulation of Baeckea frutescens on breast cancer cells

Fig. 2

Effects of B. frutescens leaves extracts on MCF-7 cell viability. Cytotoxicity was determined using cell viability assay and the IC50 value determined as half maximal percentage of cell viability inhibition is indicated by the red horizontal line. MCF-7 cells were treated with either (a) hexane, b L90, c L70, d L50 or (e) water extract of B. frutescens leaves or (f) etoposide for 48 (left panels) or 72 (right panels) hrs. Etoposide served as the positive control. Data is expressed as mean ± standard error mean based on six independent experiments with triplicate wells for each concentration

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