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Table 2 The dose of Huaier or 5-FU alone to achieve the same fraction affected level of in-combination and the dose reduction index (DRI) values for Huaier combined with 5-FU after 24 h

From: The synergistic antitumor effect of Huaier combined with 5-Florouracil in human cholangiocarcinoma cells

Fa of combination Dose of Huaier (mg/ml) Dose of 5-FU (μg/ml) DRI of Huaier DRI of 5-FU
18.10% 5.02 9.46 3.34 1.26
25.20% 6.63 21.26 2.21 1.42
50.90% 13.96 184.34 2.33 6.14
67.40% 22.05 694.58 1.84 11.58
81.20% 35.91 2861.14 1.5 23.84
  1. The DRI indicates the fold of the dose reduction of tested Huaier and 5-FU in-combination compared with that of each individual drug. To achieve a 50.9% of inhibiting effect in Huh28 cells proliferation when the CI was at the lowest (0.59, as listed in Table 1A) in combination after 24 h, the concentrations of Huaier and 5-FU were reduced 2.33~ folds and 6.14~folds in combination, while their individual dose reached to 13.96 mg/ml and 184.34 μg/ml