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Table 1 Primer sequence for RT-PCR analysis

From: Water extract of Cnidii Rhizoma suppresses RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis in RAW 264.7 cell by inhibiting NFATc1/c-Fos signaling and prevents ovariectomized bone loss in SD-rat

Target genes Primer sequence Accession number Annealing Cycle Base pair
TRAP F: 5′-act tcc cca gcc ctt act acc g-3′
R: 5′-tca gca cat agc cca cac cg-3′
NM_007388.3 58 °C 30 381
NFATc1 F: 5′-tgc tcc tcc tcc tgc tgc tc-3′
R: 5′-cgt ctt cca cct cca cgt cg-3′
NM_198429.2 58 °C 32 480
c-Fos F: 5′-atg ggc tct cct gtc aac ac-3′
R: 5′-ggc tgc caa aat aaa ctc ca-3′
NM_010234.3 58 °C 33 480
RANK F: 5′-aaa cct tgg acc aac tgc ac-3′
R: 5′-acc atc ttc tcc tcc cga gt-3′
NM_009399.3 53 °C 32 377
CA2 F: 5′-ctc tca gga caa tgc agt gct ga-3′
R: 5′-atc cag gtc aca cat tcc agc a-3′
NM_001357334.1 58 °C 32 411
CTK F: 5′-agg cgg cta tat gac cac tg-3′
R: 5′-ccg agc caa gag agc ata tc-3′
NM_007802.4 58 °C 27 403
MMP-9 F: 5′-cga ctt ttg tgg tct tcc cc-3′
R: 5′-tga agg ttt gga atc gac cc-3′
NM_013599.4 58 °C 33 258
CTR F: 5′-tgc att ccc ggg ata cac ag-3′
R: 5′-agg aac gca gac ttc act gg-3′
NM_001355192.1 59 °C 40 393
GAPDH F: 5′-act ttg tca agc tca ttt cc-3′
R: 5′-tgc agc gaa ctt tat tga tg-3′
NM_008084.3 58 °C 30 267