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Table 1 Mice group name, strain and treatment

From: Velvet antler polypeptide partially rescue facet joint osteoarthritis-like phenotype in adult β-catenin conditional activation mice

Group NameMice StrainTreatment
Control groupCre- littermatesnormal saline 4 weeks(i.p.)
Model groupβ-catenin(ex3)Col2ERnormal saline 4 weeks(i.p.)
VAP low dose groupβ-catenin(ex3)Col2ER20 mg/kg VAP 4 weeks(i.p.)
VAP medium dose groupβ-catenin(ex3)Col2ER40 mg/kg VAP 4 weeks(i.p.)
VAP high dose groupβ-catenin(ex3)Col2ER80 mg/kg VAP 4 weeks(i.p.)