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Table 1 Summary of publications surveyed in each country

From: Herbal supplements in the print media: communicating benefits and risks

  Newspapaer/magazine Title Readership level Readership demographics Frequency No. articles sampled Other info
Italy Newspaper Corriere della Sera 3274000 58% male, 42% female;.
Demographic: 36% Lombardy.
Daily 17  
Newspaper Eco di Bergamo 377000 55% male, 45% female;.
Demographic: mainly Bergamo city and province
Daily 3  
Magazine Natural 1 11200 No Specific Demographic information available Monthly 4  
Magazine OK Salute 509000 72% female, 28% male
Demographic: 30% Lombardy
Monthly 11  
Italy total       35  
Romania Newspaper Adevarul 2nd largest in Romania.   Daily + health supplement for week end 5 National circulation.
2504943 readers of online version.
Newspaper Buna ziua Brasov 4th in Brasov county 45% female, 48% aged 35-54y. Daily 5 Local circulation.
70000 visitors of online version
Magazine Ce se intampla doctore? 42000 General, women Monthly 5 National circulation
Magazine Medicina naturista   General, women, Monthly 5 National circulation, for those interested in natural therapies, cosmetics and medicinal plants.
Rom total       20  
UK Newspaper Daily Mail 4741000, 2nd largest in UK 53% female, 59% age 55+, 83% ABC1C2 demographic, 22% London area. Daily 6 National circulation
Newspaper The Independent 532000, 10th largest in UK Broad age spread, 60% male, 81% ABC1 Adult Demographic, 45% London area. Daily 1 National circulation
Newspaper The Metro 3287000, 4th largest in UK 78% aged 15 to 44, predominantly commuters Daily (Mon-Fri) 2 Free paper circulated on public transport systems of 14 UK cities, funded by advertising
Newspaper The Times 1565000, 6th largest in UK 58% male, 88% ABC1 Adult demographic, 31% London Area Daily 1 National circulation
Magazine Healthy 160064 97% female, largely ABC1 aged 25–55 Bi-monthly 3 National circulation, published by Holland and Barrett
Magazine Natural Health 60000 No Specific Demographic information available, but probably broadly similar to “Healthy” Monthly 2 National circulation, for those interesting in traditional and modern natural therapies
Magazine Top Sante 179000 93% female, 72% ABC1, 71% aged 35–64 Monthly 6 National circulation, features all aspects of holistic healthy, beauty and wellbeing
UK total       21  
Grand total       76