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Table 4 Results and statistical analyses of C. elegans lifespan assay

From: Leaf extract of Caesalpinia mimosoides enhances oxidative stress resistance and prolongs lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans

Treatment: N2 (L4)

Mean lifespan (day) ± SEM

% increased lifespan (vs. control)

p-value (vs. control)

p-value summary

Number of worms


12.41 ± 0.12


N = 159

50 μg/ml CM extract

12.95 ± 0.10




N = 154

  1. The life span assay was carried out with wild type (N2) worms at 25 °C. Mean lifespan in days is the average number of days the worms survived in each group. The treatment group was compared to the control by log-rank (Mantel − Cox) tests followed by the Gehan − Breslow − Wilcoxon test