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Fig. 4

From: Ouabain potentiates the antimicrobial activity of aminoglycosides against Staphylococcus aureus

Fig. 4

Cell permeability effect of OBN with aminoglycosides. a S. aureus ATCC29213 cells treated in the absence (−ve control) and presence of OBN (1 mg/mL) and 0.25X MIC of aminoglycosides (GEN, TET, AMK) either added alone or in combination. Gramicidin B was used as a positive (+ve) control. a Measured extracellular leakage of cellular ATP by ATPase assay at different time intervals. b Nitrocefin hydrolysis was measured with and without (−ve control) addition of GEN with OBN alone or combination after 60 min treatment. Statistical analysis confirmed a significant difference with “P” value, between control vs GEN: 0.033, control vs OBN + GEN: 0.013 and OBN vs OBN + GEN: 0.018

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