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Fig. 5

From: Hepato-protective effects of Glossogyne tenuifolia in Streptozotocin-nicotinamide-induced diabetic rats on high fat diet

Fig. 5

Effects of GT extracts on fibrosis marker proteins in STZ-NA-induced changes in rat liver tissues. The levels of hypertrophy protein FGF2, pERK 1/2, UPA, MMP2 and MMP9 in the control rats, STZ-NA rats, and treatment group rats are shown. Data (n = 6) represent the mean ± SEM. *p < 0.05 compared with the C group; #P < 0.05 when compared with the N group. C: control; N: STZ-NA + HFD; L: Glossogyne tenuifolia low dose (50 mg/kg); H: Glossogyne tenuifolia high dose (150 mg/kg); P: acarbose (positive control)

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