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Table 1 Ovid MEDLINE®, In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations and OvidMEDLINE(R) 1946 to Present, search strategy

From: Mind-body practices for people living with HIV: a systematic scoping review

 exp HIV/
 exp HIV Infections/
 (human adj4 immun#deficiency virus*)
 (human immun#deficiency adj4 virus*)
 (human immun* and deficiency virus*)
 (acquired adj4 immun#deficiency syndrome*)
 (acquired immun#deficiency adj4 syndrome*)
 (acquired immun* and deficiency syndrome*)
 (human adj4 virus type III)
 (human adj4 virus type 3)
 lymphadenopathy-associated Virus*
Mind-body therapy/OR
 exp Mind-Body Therapies/
 muscle relaxation
 ((alternative or complementary) adj4 (medicin* or therap*))
 physiological feedback*
 autogenic training*
 breathing exercise*
 qi gong
 chi kung
 respiratory muscle* training*