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Table 1 Measures derived from data collection with questionnaire

From: Cancer patients’ use of complementary and alternative medicine in Sweden: a cross-sectional study

Measures Q No Question Response options Additional free text option
Patient characteristics 1 Age Open  
2 Gender Man/woman  
3 Cancer site Open  
4 Highest level of education Multiple choice  
CAM use 5 Use of complementary or alternative medicine at any point in life Yes/No  
7 Use of specific CAM therapy before and/or after cancer diagnosis, and/or in present time Multiple choicea X
8 When was CAM initiated? Open  
Adverse effects 11 Adverse effects Yes/Nob X
Dialogue about CAM 15 Communication about CAM with conventional health care providers Yes/No  
15a If communication, what was it about? Open  
15b If communication, were you satisfied with the dialogue? Yes/No X
15c If not, why did you not communicate about CAM? Open  
Sources of information 16 Source of information about CAM Multiple choice X
18 Desired information pathway regarding CAM Multiple choice X
Reasons 9 Reason for CAM use Multiple choice X
6 Main reason(s) for not using complementary and alternative medicine Multiple choice X
Benefits, satisfaction, costs 10 Perceived benefit of CAM therapy Multiple choicec X
14 Satisfaction with CAM use after cancer diagnosis Multiple choice X
12 Expenditure on CAM methods per month Multiple choice  
13 Perception whether CAM use was worth the money Yes/No X
Role of cancer care in relation to CAM 17 Conventional health care providers should be able to answer questions about CAM Multiple choice  
19 View on the role of conventional health care in relation to providing some CAM Yes/No X
  1. a List of 27 specific methods, space for additional therapies and specifications e.g. on type of herbal remedy or vitamin/mineral; b Free text option for specification of therapy and adverse effect; c Eight choices including no benefit at all