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Table 2 HPLC-DAD analysis of Methanol Ethyl Acetate (MEA) Extracts of Atriplex lasiantha

From: Bio-guided profiling and HPLC-DAD finger printing of Atriplex lasiantha Boiss

Standard GA Rut CA Cat Api Myr Quer Kaem
λ (nm) 257 257 325 279 325 368 368 368
μgmg− 1 ND 0.3 ND ND ND ND ND ND
  1. λ (nm) represents wavelength in nanometer while μg mg−1 represents the quantity of polyphenol in microgram per milligram of the extract. ND: Not Detected, GA: Gallic Acid, Rut: Rutin, CA: Caffeic Acid, Cat: Catechin, Api: Apigenin, Myr: Myrecetin, Quer: Quercetin, Kaem: Kaempferol