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Table 5 Search strategy used in CINAHL

From: Cognitive improvement effects of electro-acupuncture for the treatment of MCI compared with Western medications: a systematic review and Meta-analysis

No Search items
2 TI “cognit* impair*” OR AB “cognit* impair*”
3 TI “cognit* declin*” OR AB “cognit* declin*”
4 TI “cognit* deficit*” OR AB “cognit* deficit*”
5 TI “cognit* disturb*” OR AB “cognit* disturb*”
6 TI “cognit* defect*” OR AB “cognit* defect*”
7 MH “Cognition Disorders”
8 TI ““memory impairment”” OR AB ““memory impairment””
9 TI ((“CDR 0.5” or “clinical dementia rating scale 0.5”)) OR AB ((“CDR 0.5” or “clinical dementia rating scale 0.5”))
10 TI dement* OR AB dement*
11 TI “mild neurocognit* disorder*” OR AB “mild neurocognit* disorder*”
12 TI (SMC or ‘subjective memory complaints’) OR AB (SMC or ‘subjective memory complaints’)
13 OR 1–12
14 TI electroacupuncture OR AB electroacupuncture
15 TI electro-acupuncture OR AB electro-acupuncture
16 OR 14–15
17 #13 AND #16