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Table 4 Effects of administration of propolis on foetal body weight and blood glucose level of pregnant streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

From: Propolis improves pregnancy outcomes and placental oxidative stress status in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Groups Foetal body weight (g) Foetal blood glucose level (mg/dL)
Non-DM 5.37 (0.34) 98.88 (10.95)
DM 4.31 (0.61)a 429.13 (118.74)a
DM + Propolis 4.66 (0.52)a 216.00 (50.24)a, b
DM + Insulin 4.83 (0.36) 201.75 (56.94)a, b
DM + Combined 5.07 (0.51)b 148.63 (33.26)b
  1. Data are presented as mean (standard deviation), (n = 8 per group). DM: diabetes mellitus, Combined: Propolis and insulin. aP < 0.05 compared with non-DM group, bP < 0.05 compared with DM group (ANOVA followed by Turkey-Kramer post-hoc test)