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Table 2 Total phenolic content (TPC) of direct aqueous and sequential methanol extracts

From: Terminalia bellirica fruit extracts: in-vitro antibacterial activity against selected multidrug-resistant bacteria, radical scavenging activity and cytotoxicity study on BHK-21 cells

Type of extract (Extraction method) Extraction conditions TPC (mg GAE/g)a
Direct aqueous (Reflux) Hot, 6 h 135.52 ± 2.62b
Direct aqueous (Bottle) Ambient, 24 h 118.80 ± 8.01b
Direct aqueous (Sonicator) Ambient, 3 h 83.06 ± 4.56d
Sequential methanol (Soxhlet) Hot, 6 h 188.71 ± 2.12f
Sequential methanol (Bottle) Ambient, 24 h 95.26 ± 2.94c
Sequential methanol (Sonicator) Ambient, 3 h 63.36 ± 1.93e
  1. aValues are mean ± SD for three replicates; TPC is expressed as mg gallic acid equivalents per gram of dried extract
  2. Mean values without letters (a, b, c, d and e) in common differ significantly (p < 0.05)