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Table 1 Major and minor themes derived from the qualitative content analysis

From: Emotional release and physical symptom improvement: a qualitative analysis of self-reported outcomes and mechanisms in patients treated with neural therapy

Major themes Minor themes
1. Expectations and premises Hopes and fears
Safe and trustworthy setting
2. Local and systemic bodily responses Immediate anesthetic effects
Vegetative responses
Need for rest
Initial symptom aggravation
Pain and symptom alleviation
Reintegrated body image and increased awareness
Improvement in daily functioning
3. Emotional release and contentment Emotional release reactions
Integration of dissociated memories
Cognitive reframing
Bodily responses
Improved mood and enjoyment of life
Retrieving personal agency
4. Adverse events Pain from the injection
Vegetative complaints
Emotional turmoil
5. Patients’ conclusions Significance of the treatment effects