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Table 2 Characteristics of systematic reviews

From: The management strategies of cancer-associated anorexia: a critical appraisal of systematic reviews

Systematic review Relevant studies, No Study design (No) Population Intervention Control Outcome
Dewey et al., 2007 [17] 5 RCT (n = 5) Incurable or advanced cancer patients with either a reported weight loss of 5% and above or cachexia Oral fish oil supplementation Placebo/ active matched control AE, BC, CR, EE, Fatigue, FS, NS, PS, QoL, SA, Survival, WC
Baldwin et al., 2012 [19] 13 RCT (n = 13) Adults cancer patients with malnourished or at risk of malnutrition Dietary advice, oral nutritional supplements, or both Usual care NI (ie, weight loss and energy intake), QOL, Survival
Reid et al., 2012 [20] 3 RCT (n = 3) Advanced or incurable cancer patients with weight loss or cachexia Thalidomide orally Placebo/ an alternative experimental treatment modality AE, BC, Fatigue, FS, GP, PIC, PS, QoL, Survival
Ruiz et al., 2013 [21] 35 RCT (n = 35) Patients with cancer, AIDS or another underlying pathology related anorexia-cachexia Megestrol acetate Placebo/ other active drug treatments/ different doses AC, AE, MAC, QoL, TSFT, WC
Chung et al., 2016 [26] 14 RCT (n = 14) Cancer patients with various types, most in moderate to advanced stage CHM, either in combination with other treatments or used alone Conventional treatment, placebo, or no treatment. Fatigue, paresthesias, dysesthesias, chronic pain, anorexia, insomnia, limbs edema, constipation
Lau et al., 2016 [27] 13 RCT (n = 13) Patients with various types of cancer, near half in moderate to advanced stages Any form of acupuncture and/or related therapies Any type of interventions without acupuncture or related treatments Fatigue, paresthesia, dysesthesias, chronic pain, anorexia, insomnia, limb edema, constipation, QoL
Bai et al., 2017 [28] 4 RCT (N = 3) Randomized crossover Trial (n = 1) Cancer anorexia-cachexia syndrome (CACS) patients Anamorelin Placebo or Anamorelin at various doses AC, GS, LBM, PS, QoL, Serum biomarkers, WC
Mochamat et al., 2017 [29] 21 RCT (n = 17) Prospective studies (n = 3) Crossover study (n = 1) Cancer patients with cachexia or cachexia-related symptoms Vitamin, mineral, proteins, or other dietary supplements No supplements/ different supplements AE, AC, LBM, L-carnitine, QoL, Survival, WC,
  1. Abbreviations: AC appetite change, AE adverse events, AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome, BC body composition, CHM chinese herbal medicine, CR compliance rates, EE energy expenditure, FS functional status, GS grip strength, LBM lean body mass, MAC mid-arm circumference, NS nutritional status, NI nutritional indices, PIC pro-inflammatory cytokines, PS performance status, QoL quality of life, RCT randomized clinical trial, SE side effects, TSFT triceps skin fold thickness, WC weight change