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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Complementary medicine products used in pregnancy and lactation and an examination of the information sources accessed pertaining to maternal health literacy: a systematic review of qualitative studies

Inclusion criteria
 1. Use of qualitative methods for data collection including focus group discussions or in-depth interviews
 2. Focus on the use of complementary medicine products as defined operationally above
 3. Described CMP use in pregnancy and/or lactation
 4. CMPs were used by the woman for the benefit of her own health in pregnancy, the pregnancy itself, the baby and/or the breastfeeding process
 5. Information sources the woman accessed with regards to the CMPs used are reported
 6. Health literacy, or related concepts, were discussed
Exclusion criteria
 • Pre-conceptual folic acid supplementation only
 • Trials of CMPs in pregnancy or lactation (trial would have been the information source on the CMP studied)
 • Information sources not clearly identifiable
 • Potential information sources identified by the authors, but not clearly identified by participants
 • Data not collected from pregnant and breastfeeding women themselves
 • Data only collected from health care practitioners
 • Study protocols or social marketing campaigns
 • Overview or commentary papers on CAM modalities, philosophies or practices regarding women’s health
 • Overview or commentary papers on biomedical maternity care philosophies
 • Commentary papers on CMP use or the lack of uptake of recommended nutritional supplements in pregnancy, including iron, folic acid and iodine.
 • Studies where CMPs were given directly to infants, and not the breastfeeding mothers
 • Studies focussing on CAM use to treat infertility