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Table 4 Group names and definition of the conditions used to treat the various experimental groups of cells or animals. In vivo fluorogold RGC experimenta

From: Dendrobium nobile Lindley and its bibenzyl component moscatilin are able to protect retinal cells from ischemia/hypoxia by dowregulating placental growth factor and upregulating Norrie disease protein

Group names Definition of conditions of animals that received
i. Sham (n = 4; control) sham procedure
ii. Vehicle+I/R (n = 4) Pre-ischemic treatment with vehicle followed by I/R
iii. DNL1.0 + I/R (n = 4) Pre-ischemic treatment with DNL1.0 followed by I/R
iv. I/R + DNL1.0 (n = 4) I/R followed by post-ischemic treatment with DNL1.0
  1. aThese animals were evaluated by the fluorogold retrograde labeling for RGC. Subtotally, 16 animals were used. In total, the overall number of the animals used was 136 (=120 + 16). Pre−/post-ischemia oral gavage of 1.0 g/kg/day of DNL (DNL1.0 + I/R; I/R + DNL1.0), or the same volume of vehicle was applied