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Table 2 FTIR band assignments for functional groups found in the second derivative spectra of 3T3-L1 cells [27, 28]

From: Oroxylum indicum (L.) Kurz extract inhibits adipogenesis and lipase activity in vitro

2nd derivative spectra (cm− 1) Band assignment
2962 Asymmetrical stretching (C-H) from methyl (-CH3) groups of lipids
2924 Asymmetrical stretching (C-H) from methylene (-CH2) groups of lipids
2854 Symmetrical stretching (C-H) from methylene (-CH2) groups of lipids
1740 (C=O) of ester functional groups primarily from lipid and fatty acids
1647 Amide I protein (C=O stretching)
1543 Amide II protein (N-H bending, C-H stretching)
1462 Asymmetrical deformation (CH2)scissor from methylene (-CH2) groups of lipids
1400 Symmetrical stretching (COO) associated with symmetrical in-plane deformation bend (CH3) of proteins
1234 Asymmetrical stretching (PO2) mainly nucleic acids with the little contribution from phospholipids
1153 Asymmetrical stretching (CO-O-C) of glycogen, other carbohydrates and nucleic acids
1080 Symmetrical stretching (PO2) of the phosphodiester backbone of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and phospholipids
1018 (C-O) vibration from glycogen and other carbohydrates