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Table 1 AA increased the effect of 5-FU and GEM in 3D spheroid formation assays

From: Anacardic acid inhibits pancreatic cancer cell growth, and potentiates chemotherapeutic effect by Chmp1A - ATM - p53 signaling pathway

Treatment Number of Colonies Size of Colonies (mm)
DMSO 41 0.8–1.2
AA (20 nM) 32 0.8–1.2
5-FU (5 nM) 10 0.1–0.2
5-FU/AA 5 0.1–0.2
GEM (5 nM) 7 0.1–0.2
GEM/AA 5 0.1–0.2
  1. The same number of cells were seeded onto Nunclon™ Sphera plates. Next day, media was replaced with new media containing the following reagents as described in the table. Every other day, media was replaced with fresh media containing respective reagent(s). 7 days after the initial treatment, the number of spheroids was counted, and the size of spheroids measured in diameter. The data was collected from two independent assays