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Fig. 4

From: Anacardic acid inhibits pancreatic cancer cell growth, and potentiates chemotherapeutic effect by Chmp1A - ATM - p53 signaling pathway

Fig. 4

AA induces an increase in Chmp1A protein level and an activation of ATM and p53 in PANC-1 cells. Western blot analysis showed an increase in Chmp1A protein upon AA (30 nM) treatment in control cells (Aa), and in Chmp1A transfected cells (Ab). GFP was transfected as control for Chmp1A transfection (Ab). 5-FU and GEM alone or in combination with AA produced an increase in Chmp1A protein, and activation of p53 (B). Gapdh was used as loading control. Immunocytochemistry demonstrated the activation of ATM (pATM) and p53 (pp53) in (C and D), respectively. AA, 5-FU or GEM alone or AA in combination with 5-FU or GEM treatment caused an activation of ATM and p53. Notice that all the cells treated with AA plus GEM had strong activation of ATM (Cf) and p53 (Df), compared to individual treatment with GEM (Cc for ATM and Dc for p53) or AA (Cd for ATM and Dd for p53). Cells are processed equally for immunostaining, and the images were captured using the same settings. In (C and D), blue stands for Dapi positive nuclear expression, red for phospho-ATM or phospho-p53, and pink for co - expression of blue and red

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