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Fig. 6

From: Repeated electroacupuncture treatment attenuated hyperalgesia through suppression of spinal glial activation in chronic neuropathic pain rats

Fig. 6

Quantitative analysis of expression levels of GFAP protein in the dorsal part of the lumbar spinal cord in rats of the five groups. Upper panel: representative western blot stripes of the 5 groups. 1: control, 2: CCI(18D), 3: CCI + EA2D, 4; CCI + EA1W, 5:CCI + EA2W. Lower panel: bar graphs showing the expression levels of GFAP protein in the 5 groups, five rats in each group were examined and the data are expressed as mean ± SD. * P < 0.05, vs the control group; # P < 0.05, vs the CCI group

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