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Table 2 Anti-leishmanial (IC50 ±SD) and cytotoxic activity (CC50 ±SD) of essentials oils, some of their components and the positive controls

From: In vitro antileishmanial and cytotoxicity activities of essential oils from Haplophyllum tuberculatum A. Juss leaves, stems and aerial parts

  Anti-leishmanial activity – promastigotes (L. mexicana mexicana) Cytotoxicity -CHO Selectivity index
Samples IC50 (μg/ml) ± SD CC50 (μg/ml) ± SD CHO/Lmm
LEO 2013 16.69±0.35c 81.20±1.59d 4.86
SEO 2013 16.00±0.56c 49.64±8.56c 3.10
LSEO 2013 6.48±0.44b 27.79±3.73b 4.29
LEO 2015 19.44±1.00c 80.65±1.60d 4.15
SEO 2015 50.28±2.13d 82.56±5.51d 1.64
LSEO 2015 61.79±5.05e 79.06±0.80d 1.28
R- (+)-limonene 16.59±0.35c 29.65±0.78b 1.79
S- (-)-limonene >100 75.89±0.88d -
1-octanol >100 >100 -
linalool >100 >100 -
Amphotericin B 0.10±0.01a nd -
Camptothecin nd 0.74±0.09a -
  1. The letters (a–e) indicate significant differences between the samples according to the Duncan Test (p<0.05)