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Table 1 Extraction yield of P. jacquemontiana methanol extract and its corresponding fractions

From: Phytochemical investigation and antimicrobial appraisal of Parrotiopsis jacquemontiana (Decne) Rehder

Plant sample Percentage yield (%)
PJM 50a
PJH 30
PJE 36
PJB 12
PJA 18
  1. PJM (P. jacquemontiana methanol fraction), PJH (P. jacquemontiana n-hexane fraction), PJC (P. jacquemontiana chloroform fraction), PJE (P. jacquemontiana ethyl acetate fraction), PJB (P. jacquemontiana butanol fraction), PJA (P. jacquemontiana aqueous fraction)
  2. aYield of PJM in grams based on dry powder weight; fraction yield dependent upon PJM yield