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Table 1 Extraction yield, TPC, TFC, and chemical constituents in A. hydaspica ethyl acetate extract (AHE)

From: Acacia hydaspica R. Parker prevents doxorubicin-induced cardiac injury by attenuation of oxidative stress and structural Cardiomyocyte alterations in rats

Analysis (AHE fraction) Observations (References)
Extraction yield (%) 27.77% [25]
TPC (mg gallic acid equivalent/g dry sample) 120.3 ± 1.15 [25]
TFC (mg rutin equivalent/g dry sample) 129 ± 1.32 [25]
HPLC-DAD (Identification of compounds with reference to standards) i. Gallic acid (275 nm, RT: 4.516, 52.92 μg/100 mg dry powder) [25]
ii. Catechin (279 nm, RT 11.427, 8648 μg/100 mg dry powder)
iii. Myricetin (368 nm, RT: 17.082, 34.60 μg/100 mg dry powder)
Purified isolated compounds (NMR characterization of compounds) i. 7-O-galloyl catechin (GC)(187.5 mg/g) [24, 27]
ii. Catechin (C), (100 mg/g)
iii. Methyl gallate (MG), (37.5 mg/g)
  1. TPC Total Phenolic content, TFC Total flavonoid content
  2. Information derived from previous lab investigations