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Table 1 Total flavonoid and phenolic contents and other metabolites in stem bark of S. mukorossi

From: Evaluation of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activities of the stem bark of Sapindus mukorossi

Plant sample Total flavonoid content (mg RUE/g) Total phenolic content (mg GAE/g)
SMM 55.5 ± 3.2b 562.17 ± 4.77b
SMC 52.8 ± 2.01b 444.33 ± 3.9c
SME 96.9 ± 3.2a 594.16 ± 4.3a
SMB 37.8 ± 1.9c 357 ± 4.3d
SMA 11.02 ± 1.3d 252.3 ± 2.41e
  1. Each value is represented as mean ± SD (n = 3). Means with different superscript (a-e) letters in the rows are significantly (P < 0.01) different from one another. SMM, S. mukorossi methanol extract of stem bark; SMH, n-hexane fraction of SMM; SMC, chloroform fraction of SMM; SME, ethyl acetate fraction of SMM; SMA, soluble residual aqueous fraction of SMM; −, absent